Breast Reduction Procedure


Breast Reduction involves the surgical removal of breast tissue and skin in order to decrease the overall size of the breast in order to produce a more comfortable, youthful breast contour.


Why do women seek breast reduction?

There are few things more embarrassing to women than large pendulous breasts. In addition to their aesthetic effects, including difficulty wearing fashionable clothes, they often interfere with social or sporting activities. In some patients, they also cause back or neck ache and may predispose the patient to arthritis in these areas. Further, many women suffer with repeated skin infections in the crease below the breast.


What to think about at this stage

It is important that before you see the surgeon, you consider what you are trying to achieve from your surgery. In particular, consider what size you would like your new breasts to be. Generally, the more breast tissue that is removed, the less aesthetically pleasing is the final result.

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