Botox® or Botulinum Toxin


Botox®, available in Bournemouth, is the UK's most popular cosmetic procedure, because it is suitable for almost everyone. If you have wrinkles or forehead lines you wish to reduce, then this treatment is for you.

How does Botox® work?

Botox® is a naturally occurring protein that acts on the muscles of the face, causing wrinkles to relax and smooth out lines and wrinkles, which  helps you look and feel younger by creating a smooth, youthful complexion.

How will I feel during Botox treatment?

Your nurse or doctor will ask you to frown as hard as you can, and then you will feel a very slight prick as the fine needle is applied to the areas you want to target. No anaesthetic is used as the procedure is simple and virtually painless.

What happens after Botox treatment?

You can carry on with your day as normal immediately after leaving the clinic, although it's important to avoid anything strenuous for 24 hours such as going to the gym. Side effects are rare, but occasionally some clients experience bruising, but this usually fades quickly.
The effects are remarkable and last for several months after treatment. Using high SPF sun cream to protect your skin from sun damage complements the benefits of the treatment leaving you looking younger for longer.


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