Laser or IPL Hair Removal in Bournemouth


How does Laser or IPL Hair Removal Work?

The Laser Hair Removal system works by emitting a pulsed light beam, which is absorbed by the pigment located in the hair follicle. The Laser light is pulsed or 'turned on' for only a fraction of a second. The duration of the pulses are carefully determined so that enough energy will be absorbed by the hair follicle to disable it, but not too much energy so that excess heat is transferred to the surrounding skin.

How hair grows on the body

The body's hair development works in three stages, anagen - the growing phase, catagen - the resting phase and telogen - the shedding phase. This means that the amount of treatable hair depends on how many hairs are in the active growth phase (anagen) and how long the cycle lasts. Age, hormone levels, genetic make up, treatment area and certain medications can affect the growth, length, coarseness and colour of the hair. Laser can only work on the hair in the active growing phase, not all the potential hair can be treated at any one time. As other hairs will enter the growth cycle at different times additional treatments will be necessary. The number of hairs in the anagen phase varies from 20% to 85% depending on the body site. Some clients may require only three laser treatments whereas others may require five or more. Naturally a reduction occurs after just one laser treatment.

During your private and confidential consultation a personal treatment programme will be discussed and developed to best fulfil your individual laser hair removal needs.

Who can be treated with Laser or IPL Hair Removal?

With Laser Hair Removal dark hairs are most easily treated due to the large concentration of dark melanin in them, which gives maximum absorption and conversion of light energy to heat. Very fair hair has less melanin and consequently less heat is produced making it slightly less certain of permanent destruction of the hair follicle. Grey/white hair has almost no melanin and may not be effectively treated. The upper skin layer of the epidermis also contains melanin and the concentration increases when the skin is exposed to UV light. It is therefore necessary to treat dark skinned and tanned individuals with less energy to avoid generation of excess heat. The Laser system computer has pre-programmed treatment suggestions for different hair and pigment types.

How long does Laser Hair Removal take?

This will naturally depend on the size of the area being treated. A facial treatment may take between 20 - 60 minutes whereas and entire back may take as long as 3 hours. Advice on treatment time will be assessed for each individual before treatment proceeds.

How often do I need a Laser Hair Removal treatment?

Laser Treatment interval times for best value for money are as follows:

Area for Laser Treatment
Time between Laser Treatments
Female face
6-8 wk's
Male face
10 wk's
12 wk's
Under arm
12 wk's
12 wk's
12 wk's
12 wk's










How long must the hairs be prior to Laser Treatment?

Hairs should be roughly one to 2mm long when the patient comes in for Laser treatment so it is possible to mark out the treatment area. Long hairs take up the energy and prevent all of the heat reaching the hair follicle. Hair is therefore trimmed just before the laser treatment for maximum transmission of the energy. If the hair is normally shaved and can be seen then patients can shave right up to the day of laser treatment with a single blade or electric shaver. Plucking/waxing should not be done, if the hair is not in the follicle it is impossible to treat it. Bleaching is also not advisable for roughly 2 weeks before laser treatment because the heat will not be channeled down the hair shaft as no colour will be present. By avoiding epilation and waxing before treatment it ensures as many follicles as possible contain a hair and thus can be destroyed by the laser light. Seek advice during the consultation if this will not be possible.

How to prepare for a Laser Hair Removal treatment?

Patients should avoid tanning on the treatment area roughly one month ahead of laser reatment to avoid excessive light absorption in the skin. Immediately after the laser treatment the skin is particularly sensitive to UV light and strong sunlight should be avoided for at least 2 weeks. High factor sun lotions can be used. But must not be present on the skin on the day attending for treatment. Clean dry skin void of any products e.g. deodorant, lotions etc. Fake tan must not have been applied on the treatment area for at least 14 days prior to laser treatment.

How is the Laser Hair Removal treatment carried out?

The glass prism is placed in contact with the skin surface; this means that every flash emits the perfect energy every time to give the best possible results. The applicator is then moved to the neighboring area and the process is repeated.

Why is gel used during Laser Hair Removal?

It is necessary to apply a thin layer of gel to the skin prior to laser treatment to assure optimal optical transmission of laser ight from the applicator to the skin.

What happens to the hair after Laser treatment?

Contrary to some laser treatments, hairs are not vaporised by the Intense Pulse Light treatment the hair follicles are killed by the heat but the hairs remain in the follicle and often become attached to the epidermis. They will fall out after 2 to 5 weeks as the epidermis is renewed . During this period it will seem that the hairs are growing but the epidermis is pushing them out.

FREE - Private and Confidential, No Obligation Consultation

The atmosphere at Advanced Cosmetic Centre in Bournemouth is relaxed, friendly but professional and will give you the opportunity to ask as many questions as you wish. The Laser treatment will be personalised just for you.

FREE - Laser Hair Removal Patch Test

A small patch on the treatment area allows us to set the energy suitable for you; we can then obtain the best possible results from your laser reatment, it is also the perfect way for you to see and feel what the laser treatment is like.

FREE - Check and Tidy

At Advanced Cosmetic Centre in Bournemouth we always make sure that every laser treatment is of the highest standard. By overlapping each shot we try not to miss any hairs. At roughly 4 weeks after your laser treatment we invite you back to check that everything is perfect and that no strips have been missed. If anything has been missed, at no charge to you , we treat the missed area.

Some other clinics ask you to pay every 4 - 6 weeks for a whole new laser treatment; naturally this doesn't give you such good value for money. Every penny counts!

Discounts & Special Offers on Laser Hair Removal treatments in Bournemouth

Pay for 4 laser treatments in advance and get the 5th one FREE . Have more than one area treated in the same session and there will be a 10% discount . Please make sure we have your email address to receive money off vouchers.

Price Guide for Laser Hair Removal Treatments in Bournemouth

We have listed the prices below as ' a guide' . You only pay for what you need doing, so if the area to be treated is smaller than standard, then you will pay less . If the area is not listed below a price will be given during your consultation.

Laser Hair Removal in Bournemouth Price Guide Jan 2015


Laser Hair Removal Prices
Lase 4 Women £ from
Laser 4Men £ from
Abdomen £60.00 - £140.00 £90.00 - £210.00
£100.00 - £190.00
£160.00 - £390.00
Back (Part)
£90.00 - £280.00
£120.00 - £300.00
Back (Whole)
£290.00 - £330.00
£360.00 - £390.00
Bikini Line (Mini)
£ 80.00
Bikini Line (Standard)
Bikini Line (Extended)
£80.00 - £140.00
£130.00 - £180.00
Cheeks Upper
£60.00 - £80.00
£90.00 - £130.00
£80.00 - £150.00
£180.00 - £400.00
£50.00 - £100.00
£80.00 - £120.00
Ears or Nose
£50.00 - £80.00
£60.00 - £100.00
Face Full
£142.00 - £162.00
£150.00 - £180.00
Face Side
£60.00 - £80.00
£60.00 - £100.00
Feet or Hands
£50.00 - £100.00
£80.00 - £150.00
Legs Whole (includes Bikini )
£640.00 - £720.00
£640.00 - £820.00
Legs Upper (includes Bikini )
£420.00 - £560.00
£420.00 - £690.00
Legs Lower (both)
£240.00 - £280.00
£280.00 - £360.00
Lip Upper
£50.00 - £70.00
Neck (Front or Back)
£80.00 - £120.00
£80.00 - £150.00
£60.00 - £80.00
£60.00 - £100.00
£100.00 - £120.00
£100.00 - £250.00
£80.00 - £100.00
£100.00 - £250.00


We always aim to give someone the best value for money .
Distance between laser treatments may vary. Advice will be given during your consultation.
Recommended distance between laser treatments
Face = 8 weeks plus between laser treatments
Body = 12 weeks plus between laser treatments
We will support you every step of the way giving you good, honest, sound advice.

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