Designer Whites Teeth Whitening

Case Study:

Jon, aged 28, lives in Bournemouth. He heard about the laser teeth whitening through a friend. He said "My teeth really had become more and more stained over the past 5 - 10 years. I smoke and drink coffee, two things I know have stained my teeth. My friends wedding was coming up so I thought it was a great time to get them whitened.
Firstly I went along for a consultation and after filling out the forms, the procedure was explained to me. I found it really helpful as I then knew exactly what to expect. "
"I then booked in for the laser teeth whitening treatment on the 14th June. The mouth guard felt a little uncomfortable but the results were fantastic, it was definately worth it. It has given me so much more confidence when I smile and they looked brilliant for the wedding. I will definitely be popping back in the future for a top-up treatment to make sure that I keep them nice and white." A revolutionary teeth whitening system with visible results.The laser teeth whitening treatment is customised for you.
We offer a free consultation, this allows us to check medical and dental information, assess the teeth, check if you are suitable for laser teeth whitening treatment and explain how the treatment works.

Designer Whites Laser Teeth Whitening in Bournemouth

It couldn't be simpler or quicker. We protect your gums and apply our gel to your teeth, then we shine a blue 'OptilightT' Spectrum selective LED light system on the gel to activate it.

Four 10-minute applications, which could take just one hour can be enough to make your teeth up to ten shades lighter. It's like giving your teeth a fresh start. We'll strip away years of coffee and red wine.
You could look up to five years younger, more confident and more ready to smile