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How do I know if I have facial thread veins?

Thread veins are typical on the nose and cheeks, but can be found all around the face. Sometimes they just look like a red dot, or sometimes the leaking capillaries may cause general background redness to the skin, giving you rosy, flushed cheeks. If you are unsure, book a consultation with our doctor or nurse for expert guidance. 

Why do I have facial thread veins?

They are often hereditary and may be triggered by spicy foods, changes of temperature or alcohol. Certain social situations, such as going out to eat with friends, may cause you to blush and aggravate them. 

Broken veins to face, leg or body

Nasal veins

Vascular blemishes

Red spots

Skin tags


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Skin Tag - Removal with Veinwave

Skin Tags are very common and most frequently found on the neck and face. They often appear with a neck like a mushroom and vary in size from a tiny speck, smaller than a grain of uncooked rice to the size of a large pea or even bigger. The are often found in areas of friction such as underarm, under the breasts or around the neck where necklace irritates.


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